Our Members

Membership of the Association is open to companies actively engaged, in Europe, in the lubricant industry. The Members must undertake:

1. to observe the articles of associations

2. to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Association,

3. to actively participate in the proceedings of the Association and

4. to commit the necessary resources to that effect (article 5.1 of the articles of association).

Companies wishing to become a Member must have been validly formed under the laws of a country in Europe and should either be registered or have their headquarters there (article 5.2 of the articles of association).

In the case that a Member is operating throughout Europe and is marketing lubricants in various European countries under the same trade name but multiple companies, only one of these companies shall be eligible for membership of the Association (article 5.3 of the articles of association).

The association has today 24 member companies and one European association (Union indépendante de l’industrie européenne des lubrifiants AISBL) which is the voice of the SMEs in ATIEL.

ATIEL Members