Sustainability Committee

The mission of the ATIEL Sustainability Committee is the address environmental issues with technical expertise in liaison with the UEIL Sustainability Committee and other relevant industry stakeholders (ATC, API).

The EU has provided with the Green Deal the framework which put the individual countries and companies into the responsibility to act.

The Lubricants industry wants to be part of the solution to environmental sustainability. ATIEL intends to anticipate threats and create opportunities in the field of fuel economy demand and emissions regulation.

ATIEL has already set up a CSS Task Force covering the Commission Roadmap of a chemical strategy for sustainability1, which foresees the revision of REACH and the CLP as well as actions on sustainable chemicals, materials and products by design, including proposals to include KPIs for sustainable chemicals.

The ATIEL Sustainability Committee monitors and acts on the following environmental issues:

  1. Recyclability- RRBS (re-refined base stock)
  2. EU Green Public Procurement
  3. Carbon Footprint and renewable carbon content
  4. In use benefits
  5. LCA greenhouse gas accounting methodology
1 COM (2020) 667 final)

ATIEL and UEIL – Methodology for Product Carbon Footprint (PCFs) for Lubricants and Other Specialists