Position Papers

Industry Position Paper

19 July 2019

Making ACEA Performance Claims for Additive Package

31st May 2019

ATIEL Code of Practice-issue n°21

January 2018

ATIEL Position statement on the use of non-CEC or ASTM tests in the ACEA Oil Sequences

24 April 2021

DUCC comments to documents CASG-ED/2021/02 and CASG-ED/2021/03

January 2021

Comments from DUCC on CA/61/2020: Essential Uses

7 January 2021

DUCC Feedback on CA/74/2020: Assessment of More Than One Constituent Substances

19 June 2020

DUCC response to the Roadmap on the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

8 May 2020

DUCC Comments on Development and Implementation of the Second Amendment to CLP Annex VIII

10 March 2020


18 December 2019

ATIEL Statement on CLP Annex VIII

14 August 2019

ATIEL comments on draft delegated regulation amending Annex VIII to CLP (public consultation Ares(2019)4744568)

19 July 2019

Global Inventory Statement

December 2018

ATIEL Opinion on multi-language labels on small packages (EN)
ATIEL Opinion on multi-language labels on small packages (DE)

March 2018

ATC/ATIEL Position Paper Use of an Alternative Chemical Name in the supply chain