RRBS Subgroup

The European Commission Circular Economy action plan may influence the lubricants market through the revised of the Waste Framework Directive (EU 2018/851) by setting new targets for collection and recycling of waste oil.

In particular, the revised Waste Framework Directive could lead to recycling targets within waste oil management schemes through amendment 18 (b): “By 31 December 2022, the Commission shall examine data on waste oils provided by Member States in accordance with Article 37(4) with a view to considering the feasibility of adopting measures for the treatment of waste oils, including quantitative targets on the regeneration of waste oils and any further measures to promote the regeneration of waste oils.”

Potential future legislation may mandate the incorporation of rerefined base stock (RRBS) in lubricant formulations. Hence, a need to assess the compatibility of lubricant additives with Regenerated Base Oils (RRBS) emerged.

The ATIEL RRBS Sub Group is part of the ATIEL Sustainability Committee.