On October 5th 2021, ATIEL and ATC joined efforts to provide ACEA members with an online seminar about the robustness of the CoP.

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ATIEL, the Technical Association of the European Lubricants Industry, has released Issue 24 of its Code of Practice, which provides guidelines for the development of engine oils that meet the latest European ACEA specifications. ACEA 2023 specifications update the Light-Duty Sequences.
Today we are delighted to announce at the ATIEL Technical Seminar ‘The Lubricants Industry Driving Change’, that TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH has successfully reviewed the ‘Methodology for Product Carbon Footprint Calculations for Lubricants and Other Specialties (Revision 1)’ and confirmed that it is compliant with international standards for calculating product carbon footprints, the first time such a validation has been conferred on a cradle-togate PCF methodology for the Lubricants, Grease and Specialties industry, anywhere in the world.