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The lubricants, metal working fluids and grease industry sectors (represented by ATIEL, UEIL and ELGI) along with lubricant additive suppliers (represented by ATC) have worked together to develop a process for supporting the communication of the safe use of their products under REACH. This work, coordinated by the ATIEL/ATC REACH Working Group, includes the identification of use information and development of generic exposure scenarios (GES) for common lubricant end uses.

The objective of the GES is to offer everyone in the lubricants supply chain (right) a standardised format for their exposure scenarios and common language and terminology to use in those documents. The effect of this will be to help reduce the overall workload for all industry players to comply with REACH.

No one is obliged to follow these recommendations but doing so may greatly improve communication with your downstream users and/or upstream suppliers and help to ensure they receive documents in a format and using a set of terms they are already familiar with.

Using these recommendations should also make it much easier for formulators of lubricant products to develop exposure scenarios for their products (if necessary) and prepare the extended Safety Data Sheets (ext-SDS).

For further background information see the ‘REACH:
About exposure scenarios’ section of the website.

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