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What’s New in ATIEL Code of Practice Issue 22

This Issue of the ATIEL Code of Practice (issue 22) is published by ATIEL and comes into effect on 25 October 2021. It supersedes Issue 21.  Issue 21 of the Code of Practice remain available on the ATIEL website, for valid claims against ACEA 2016 light duty sequences, until 30 April 2022.  

This issue remains valid for ACEA Sequences 2016 for HD engine oil.

This issue considers the ACEA sequence 2021 for LD engine oil.

The main changes are:

·   The introduction of a new VGRA Guideline for the Toyota TCD test and worked examples.

·   Clarification of some definitions.

·    The rebranding of VGRA and BOI guidelines (with added examples) for enhanced clarity

This issue is published simultaneously with a ne edition of the ATC Code of Practice

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