ATIEL-UEIL Product Carbon Footprint Working Group for the Lubricants Industry – UPDATE

On 1st February 2023 UEIL and ATIEL were pleased to announce a collaboration to develop a harmonized cradle-to-gate (blenders / marketers exit gate) PCF methodology to calculate and report Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) for Lubricants and Greases. The aim of the PCF WG is to develop a common standard that can be used by the whole lubricants industry, ensuring consistency and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

ATIEL releases CoP issue 23

ATIEL , organised with ATC, the Technical Committee of petroleum additive manufacturers, a workshop dedicated to regulatory requirements for chemicals within a global market. The main goal of this encounter was to highlight the compliance challenges and to discuss best practice solutions in meeting the diverse requirements of national authorities across the world.