ATIEL Technical Seminar

The 7th ATIEL Technical Seminar was held in Brussels on 22nd of June. The event brought together 80 participants including representatives of the European Commission, member companies and other sectoral European organisations.

In his opening speech ATIEL President Marco Digioia set the tone, noting that the lubricant industry is a key player in the automotive industrial value chain. “ATIEL is ready to play its part bringing about its experience and contribution for an innovative and sustainable transport and automotive sector” he said.

The European Commission gave a presentation on Circular Economy and where we are in the future amendment of the Waste Framework Directive.
Two roundtables “Lubricants and Sustainability” and “Global Chemical Compliance” followed, with knowledgeable panellists investigating cooperation opportunities and providing an interactive debate.
In the afternoon session the chairs of ATIEL Technical Committees presented the work of their groups.

All speakers emphasised the importance of continued collaboration to ensure that the lubricant industry retains its place at the centre of sustainability, to a competitive low-carbon economy and better serving manufacturers, users and the real economy.

ACEA Heavy Duty Oil Sequences 2022

ACEA have released the new 2022 ACEA Heavy Duty oil sequences on the 1st of May 2022. New oil categories and new engine test hardware are adopted. ACEA E6-2016 and E9-2016 have been replaced by ACEA E8-2022 and ACEA E11-2022. ACEA E7 and ACEA E4 will remain, however new engine test hardware is adopted and test limits for existing tests have been revised.  

ACEA Sequences 2021 for light duty engines

ACEA 2021 updates the Light-Duty Sequences to replace old engine tests that have reached the end of life, to allow a continuation of the engine oil development process for vehicles already in market. The new tests run on more up to date engine hardware but allow oil marketers to continue to supply oils with proven field performance.

ATIEL releases CoP issue 22

ATIEL , organised with ATC, the Technical Committee of petroleum additive manufacturers, a workshop dedicated to regulatory requirements for chemicals within a global market. The main goal of this encounter was to highlight the compliance challenges and to discuss best practice solutions in meeting the diverse requirements of national authorities across the world.